We are homeschoolers. We know what it's like to operate on a tight family budget. We will always do our best to keep our tuition and fees as reasonable as possible. Our tuition is $50.00 per month for the first hourly class. We offer a discounted rate for your 2nd and subsequent classes! Your 2nd hourly class will reduce to $45.00 per month, and your 3rd class and beyond will go down to $40.00 per month. Half-hour classes, Pilates and tennis classes have a different fee structure. 

Students must pay the full monthly tuition, regardless of whether they are able to attend class each week or not. Our costs remain the same whether the students are absent or present. Because our tuition is figured on a monthly average, the rates stay the same, no matter how many weeks are in a given month.

Tuition is due on the first Tuesday of each month. If you need to pay tuition the following week, please communicate with us. We will work with you. Communication is the key! Also, if your family experiences a temporary hardship, payment arrangements and scholarships may be available to you.

A late fee of $10.00 will be added to any tuition that has not been paid by the 3rd Tuesday of the month. A late fee of $25.00 will be charged for any tuition that becomes 30 days past due. If tuition becomes more than 45 days past due, the student will not be allowed to participate in classes until the account is brought current and all late fees are paid. Late fees will be waived if payment arrangements have been made with us directly, AND kept as committed. (Remember, communication is the key!)

Fee for returned checks is $25.00. Families who have more than two checks returned will be asked to pay tuition in cash from that point forward.

While at Koinos, you can submit your payments via cash, check, or credit/debit cards. In addition to this, you can now make payments online! Just click on the “Payments” subpage and follow the instructions.

In addition to the regular monthly tuition, there are two mandatory fees required from each family:
$50.00 NON-REFUNDABLE registration fee, due when you register
$25.00 performance fee, due on April 15th

The performance fee is required from each family, regardless of whether the students plan to participate in our Performance Showcase or not. We are doing this in lieu of selling tickets and/or doing a fundraiser.

We work very hard to provide a quality program for our students! Our desire is to have families who are committed to helping Koinos stay strong and healthy, in every possible way. With this strong foundation in place, we will be able to continue to grow deep, and not just big.

If you have further questions, please contact us. info@koinoshomeschoolers.com

Thanks for your interest in Koinos. We look forward to serving your family!
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